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AMF - indust_ebm_sf — LiveJournal

Jul. 16., 2004

03:14 am - AMF

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July 27th to August 4th

calling all sound systems, crews, circuses, bands, performers, musicians, dj's and creators

Autonomous Mutant Festival is an annual free non-commercial gathering which takes place in the lovely forests of the Pacific Northwest. the festival is an open invitation to all sound systems, dj's, musicians, and performers .... the more the merrier!!! there's no central organization of happenings within the AMF ... sound systems that want to set up in a choice spot should arrive as early as possible. dj's and bands should check the AMF webpage to find contacts for sound systems that are open to collaborations. the location of Mutant Fest will be announced sometime in mid-July (it's usually in Oregon, but call 1.800.HUM.NUMB aka: 1.800.486.6862 in mid-July for the exact location and directions)
the festival begins in 13 days and lasts for 9 days from tuesday, july 27th to wednesday, aug 4th. people who can only attend for a few days usually come around the weekend. saturday, july 31st is a full moon. the festival will take place somewhere in the pacific northwest.
AMF 2004 participants:
555 Collective & ElectroFolk
Army of Love Sound/Tuff Love Resistance
Chocoholic Satiators
Vegan Victual Comity
SwitchCraft mobile wank unit
Renegade Virus
Amoeba Technology
Lost Film Festival
Apocalypse Records
Cell Division
Nequaquam Vacuum/P.A.N.
Blackkat NYC
Dead By Dawn Soundsystem
Filastine / systema Sonar Calibrado
MR. Clute and Double Vision
Broken Sleep
International Maggott Theatre

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