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AMF2005 - indust_ebm_sf — LiveJournal

Jul. 15., 2005

01:17 pm - AMF2005

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between August 5th and the 15th,
S.p.A.Z, katabatik, HavocSound, 5lowershop, 555 Collective & ElectroFolk,
Chocoholic Satiators, Vegan Victual Comity, SwitchCraft mobile wank unit, Lost Film Festival, Cell Division, Olytopia, The Seattle Sinner, PAN-ZEN Konspiracy Nettwyrk, BaSsBoT SoUnD SyStEM, International Maggott Theatre, Cirkus Pandemonium, thee Hobo Gobbelins, 999 Eyes ov Endless Dream Carnival Museum and Sideshow, Societas Insomnia, Plague Water Brewing Collective, Orcus, Summon Creature Theatre,
CapturedbyPorches Guerrilla Public House, ratstArmyoflove, cacophony, Neurosapiens, dandeion junk queens, The Yoga Pirates, Flugin~Freex, Circo Mutante, FeraLuna Cabaret and many others will converge in the forests ov the pacific northwest.
amf is a do-it-yourself event. there's no central organization. If you have questions about setting up or hooking up with a sound system, circus, band stage, performance area, kitchen, or anything else you can think of, make contact with any of the crews listed above, post to the message board and/or subscribe to the mailing list.