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indust_ebm_sf — LiveJournal

Mai. 28., 2004

06:29 pm

Join the original god_module community.

Mai. 3., 2004

10:13 am

ok, and what the fuck are we going to do here?

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Apr. 2., 2004

09:28 pm

that's right i joined the damn community ian/lan whatever it is today. go do a dance for me now.

-strength biatch.

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Mär. 30., 2004

09:16 pm - hello

this is a new community obbviously. well i would like to welcome everyone to join. i dont care what you are or what your sub culture is. as long as your cool with the profile of this community then join. the point of this community is for 1. anybody to post about anything about music/fashion/literature/etc. like industrial, alt. indie (with samplers or synths), ebm, cyber-punk, script , tek-punk, BOOTS, anything and everything. 2. this is a big plus for citezens of san francisco. 3. CYBER SHIT. 4. anime and anything alt. related to (dark) cyber cultures. the one thing i dont want is Ravers or e-tards t join, why? because they are a big descarce and always too happy. well anyway welome every one. ps. this is also dedicated for ppl to post new cd realeases for bands in the genres as follows: industrial, ebm, tek-punk, noize, power-noize, idm, futurepop, elektronik, trip-hop, harsh techno, etc.

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